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A look into the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference

The Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference is taking place in Dallas, Texas, on February 16-18, 2018. With bitcoin hitting all time highs daily, it’s only appropriate that more mainstream media comes on board to facilitate the crypto buzz and further legitimize the movement. The Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference is one such example, offering an opportunity to bring more people on board with the financial revolution.

The question “is it too late to get involved into crypto?” is posed on the homepage, to which the answer is a resounding no. The conference is targeting both new entrants into the crypto space, as well as grizzled veterans. They boast an all-star lineup of headline speakers coming from fintech, venture capitalist and crypto backgrounds. A quick overview shows Charlie Shrem, the proclaimed “bitcoin legend” as well as Tim Draper, known American VC investor, as key speakers.

Bitcoin Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference demographics

The conference prioritizes institutional attendees in the form of existing industry companies and enthusiasts. This is in welcome contrast to the amount of media catering to the ICO fervor, with the conference only attributing a 5% slot to ICOs. This certainly alleviates common concerns within tech conferences, in which fund-seeking seems to be the primary function of attendees.

Headline topics

While everyone is excited about the Drapers and Shrems of the conference, there’s a host of other potentially insightful speakers with thought-provoking topics already outlined.

For example, Shawn Owen of Salt Lending will discuss “The incentives of good debt in the digital age”. Salt Lending is an organization that allows people to use bitcoins and other crypto assets as collateral for loans in US dollars – contributing useful liquidity and infrastructure to crypto-fiat collaborations. You can get a taste for the style of his diction in a recent interview dated August 21st, titled “Helping you Hodl and Lend Cryptocurrency” right here.

On a more technical note, Anish Mohammed of the Exosphere Academy plans to address “Quantum Computing and Blockchains – How will QC affect blockchain cryptography and can blockchains be made quantum resistant?” Heated discussion on the evolution of quantum computing and its potential effect on blockchain cryptography has been heavily debated. Examples of varied viewpoints on the topic can be seen on the Futurist and Forbes here and here respectively.

Anish has tenured experience as a security architect at leading banks in mainstream finance, as well as advisory roles within the crypto world. His combination of technical understanding and collaborative know-how ought to provide a solid backdrop to insights on QC and blockchain.

The take-away

Crypto Insider is pleased to announce that two of its writers will be part of the 2% attendee quota delegated to crypto journalists. You’ll hear the latest and the greatest from the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference first hand right here at Crypto Insider as it happens.

“Early Bird” pricing for the conference is available until September 4th. You can go ahead and check out “1.3 million reasons why you need to be there” right here.

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Disclaimer: Crypto Insider is a media sponsor to the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference

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