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Move Over VC: ICOs and Crypto Token Sales Are Raising Tens of Millions of Dollars in Hours

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and crypto token sales are all the rage, as shown by the spectacular success of initiatives previously covered by Crypto Insider, which raised tens of millions of dollars with breathtaking speed. This is a roundup of recent success story in the ICO space. It's becoming evident that the ICO funding model is fast becoming a valid alternative to traditional VC models.

UK Royal Mint Launches Blockchain-Based Digital Gold Product

In November The Royal Mint, a 1,000-year-old institution owned by UK Treasury, and derivatives marketplace CME Group, announced a collaboration to build and launch a digital gold offering called Royal Mint Gold (RMG). Now, the first implementation steps have been announced.

Blockchain Capital Raises $10 Million in Six Hours With BCAP ICO to ‘Democratize Venture Capital’

Blockchain Capital has raised a record-breaking $10 million in six hours with its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for BCAP tokens. The token sale is now closed. With BCAP, Blockchain Capital wants to start "democratizing" the Venture Capital industry, but this is only a beginning and there are challenges ahead.

Litecoin May Become Bitcoin’s Testnet for SegWit and Lightning Network

Altcoins have often been viewed as nothing more than testnets for Bitcoin, and Litecoin may find itself illustrating this point quite clearly in the coming weeks. if SegWit is activated on the Litecoin network, it could offer a stronger level of testing for the proposal where real money is on the line.

‘Ethereum Godfather’ Yani Malahov Launches Æternity, ‘the Apple of Blockchain’

Æternity, a new blockchain for scalable smart contracts interfacing with real-world data that wants to be "the Apple of blockchain," created by "Ethereum Godfather" Yani Malahov, is launching the first phase of its ICO later today, Monday, April 3.

Will the Real Anon Cryptocurrency Stand Up?

Bitcoin, the first modern cryptocurrency, provided what seemed to be a high degree of anonymity. For many people, in the early days, besides encrypted and irrevocable transactions, privacy and anonymity were the most interesting features of Bitcoin. Eight years later, where are we in terms of financial privacy?

These Venezuelan Developers are Using Bitcoin and Rare Pepes to Fight Against a Dismal Economy

What started out as an internet meme is now turning into a way to survive in Venezuela’s disastrous economy. "Rare Pepes" trading cards have now been traded for thousands of dollars worth of XCP on Counterparty’s decentralized exchange.

Qtum to Launch Token Crowdsale for PwC-Supported Blockchain Platform

The Qtum Blockchain Foundation, headquartered in Singapore, plans raise over 13,000 bitcoin on six Asian exchanges with its upcoming QTUM token crowdsale, fueling the growth of its PwC-supported blockchain platform for business.