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Daily Crypto Roundup 12/3/2018

Bitcoin falls back below $4k today as Venezuela increases petro prices. Interviews find crypto to be a hot topic among mainstream financial traders, while GM files a blockchain patent. Ohio also reveals its plans for blockchain investment.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/30/2018

Today in crypto heard rumors of Satoshi's return, saw capitulation talk, Bitcoin ETF pitches/appeals, an Intel patent for Bitcoin mining, and further negativity from mainstream influencers.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/29/2018

Bitcoin maintained slight positivity today as additional Fidelity crypto trading news hit the headlines. Coinbase Pro also added Zcash, AriseBank's CEO was indicted, and NYSE chairman Sprecher expressed bullish feelings on the future of crypto.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/28/2018

Positive Bitcoin price action amidst recent negative SEC sentiment, two ransomware participants caught, plans announced for a partnership between Nasdaq and VanEck, and positive statements from Tom Lee.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/27/2018

Bakkt isn't concerned with Bitcoin's price, Tether resuming activity on their platform, NASDAQ Bitcoin futures trading plans, Bitcoin as arguably the best performing asset class, and more SEC comments.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/26/2018

As Bitcoin continues to surge downward, and the cryptocurrency revolution faces difficulties, today also brings news of a lawsuit against Bitmain, miners shutting down, Coinbase backing tokenized security company Securitize, and Ledger opening a New York office.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/23/2018

Ripple and IMF collaborating, another Coinbase employee departure, Bitcoin Lightning Network blog use, Bitcoin's monetary policy discussion, and Sonny Singh's (BitPay) bullish Bitcoin price prediction for next year. Catch up on today's headlines. 

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/21/2018

A hefty XLM airdrop, Kraken talks security, Bitcoin Cash continues its war, positive news for USD Coin solvency, and another hacker caught, all while Bitcoin seeks to find a price bottom.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/20/2018

Bakkt platform sees delays, regulatory prevalency, new mining products, Jimmy Song arguing against Craig Wright as Satoshi, and Bitcoin's bear market compared to 2013, all while Bitcoin dumps further.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/19/2018

Bitcoin dumped $5k today, while the headlines were filled with Bitcoin Cash talk, bullish Bitcoin predictions, political campaign mining donations, and statements of cryptocurrency's future potential. Catch up on today's news.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/16/2018

EOS sees decentralization issues, a possible bounce for Bitcoin, big inflatable Bitcoin rat protesting, further SEC ICO rulings, and the use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela.

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/15/2018

Today was an eventful day in crypto. Bitcoin Cash hard forked, Dogecoin sees more transactions than BCH, Iranian crypto interest, and further scam reports. All while Bitcoin seems to have found a bit of price support.