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In ‘Silicon Valley’ Richard Wants to Build a Decentralized Internet, Perhaps on Ethereum

In the first Season 4 episode of "Silicon Valley," Richard drops a bomb: he wants to leverage the super video compression algorithm of Pied Piper to build a fully decentralized Internet powered by billions of cell phones. Is Silicon Valley Season 4 About Ethereum?

Gnosis Raises $12.5 Million in Lightning Fast Ten Minutes ICO

In ten minutes, the Gnosis ICO set a new record by raising $12.5 million in a token offering via a Dutch auction. The ICO proceeds will be used to further develop Gnosis' Ethereum-based platform for easy to deploy, easy to use prediction markets.

Move Over VC: ICOs and Crypto Token Sales Are Raising Tens of Millions of Dollars in Hours

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and crypto token sales are all the rage, as shown by the spectacular success of initiatives previously covered by Crypto Insider, which raised tens of millions of dollars with breathtaking speed. This is a roundup of recent success story in the ICO space. It's becoming evident that the ICO funding model is fast becoming a valid alternative to traditional VC models.

Gnosis Develops Easy Ethereum-Based Prediction Market Platform, Twitter Bot

Gnosis announced a decentralized platform for prediction markets, built on Ethereum, which allows anyone to create a prediction market for any event. According to the company, the platform could power a more efficient information society.

How the Brave Browser Wants You to Get Paid For Surfing the Internet

Want to be paid for surfing the web? Brave believes you should be. The company is designing a blockchain-based digital advertising platform based on Ethereum. Brave's Basic Attention Token (BAT) is due to be released later this year.

Humaniq ICO Raises $2 Million in First Day to Disrupt Mobile Banking for the Unbanked

Ethereum-based blockchain banking app Humaniq, offering financial inclusion solutions for the unbanked, launched its public crowdsale on April 6, 2017. The Humaniq ICO, which will continue through April 26, 2017, raised more than $2 million in its first day.

iExec Project Developing Ethereum-Based Platform for Distributed Cloud Computing

A next-generation Ethereum-based distributed cloud computing platform is coming. The project, called iExec (I Execute) is led by an innovative team of research scientists in France who will launch a crowdsale on 12 April.

RSK Would Not Have Endorsed a Hard Fork for The DAO on Their Bitcoin Sidechain

When it comes to making changes to a cryptocurrency, RSK does not believe changes should be made at the base protocol level to fix an issue between users of the cryptocurrency. According to RSK, forks should only be included to fix bugs or to improve the platform to make it grow in the future - but never in a situation such as The DAO.