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Waves Platform Partners With Deloitte for ICO Services

Deloitte CIS and blockchain solutions developer Waves Platform signed a memorandum on strategic partnership. A joint press release published on the Deloitte CIS website and the Waves Platform blog states that the partnership is aimed at providing clients with comprehensive initial coin offering (ICO) services and customized blockchain solutions tailored for specific business tasks.

NEVERDIE’s $1.1 Billion Market Cap ICO to Boost Game Economies in Virtual Worlds

NEVERDIE, a leading brand in real currency Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) and virtual worlds, is launching a $1.1 billion market cap ICO on the Ethereum Blockchain to kickstart game economies and create jobs in virtual worlds.

Decentralized Exchange OpenANX Raises $14 Million in First Hours of OAX Token Sale

Ethereum-powered decentralized exchange and trading platform openANX raised $14 million in the first hours of its OAX token sale. OpenANX wants to address two major problems in the cryptocurrency space: the barrier to entry for new cryptocurrency users, and transaction risk.

Privacy-Centric Zcoin Creates Next-Generation ASIC-Resistant MTP Algorithm

Zcoin is announcing the public release of the first working implementation of Merkle Tree Proof (MTP) as a proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm. According to the Zcoin team, this will promote high performance, faster lightweight verification for a fairer mining process (including CPUs), high security, and egalitarian computing.

Æternity Scalable Blockchain With Smart Contract Apps Launches ICO Phase Two

The Æternity blockchain, developed from scratch, wants to provide unprecedented security and decentralization, improving governance, scalability, scripting safety, and access to data. Phase Two of the Æternity token sale starts later today.

Toyota, MIT Developing Blockchain-Based Project to Federate Data Generated by Connected Cars

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) announced a collaboration with MIT Media Lab on a blockchain-based project to federate data generated by networked cars, with applications to forthcoming smart self-driving cars. The project was announced at Consensus 2017.

Interview With Ryan Shea, Co-Founder of Blockstack: A New Internet for Decentralized Apps

Blockstack launched their new browser on May 23. I spoke with Ryan Shea, co-founder of Blockstack, about the project and the new developments. Shea explained that Blockstack is a new internet that is accessible via a new browser. You download the browser, and you have access to a whole new world of apps that run on your device without remote servers.

Shapeshift launch Prism, an investment platform built on smart contracts

Shapeshift launched Prism into private, invite-only beta yesterday. Prism is a platform, built entirely on Ethereum, to allow users to manage an invest portfolio with a range of cryptocurrencies.

ANT Token Sale Raises $25 Million in 15 Minutes

Following a pattern that is becoming almost common, the ANT token sale raised $24,750,000 almost before starting. The token sale was finalized in less than 15 minutes on May 17.

IBM and Santiago Exchange to Deploy Securities Lending Blockchain Solution

IBM and Santiago Exchange, the largest stock exchange in Chile, announced a partnership to introduce blockchain technology in the country's financial system. The Santiago Exchange will be the first stock exchange in Latin America to implement a securities lending blockchain solution.

Aragon Network Token (ANT) Sale Starts Today to Empower Decentralized Peer Production

The Aragon Network, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that wants to act as a container and a digital jurisdiction for other decentralized organizations, is selling a number of Aragon Network Tokens (ANTs) to the public, starting later today on the Ethereum blockchain.

IoT Operator IOTA Launch New $2 Million Ecosystem Fund

IOTA is a non-profit that works on coding an open-source network to transfer funds and data between Internet of Things devices. Called Tangle, this network is an extremely ambitious and innovative project with a lot of potential applications. IOTA have announced the launch of a community fund called the IOTA Ecosystem Fund, which will distribute over $2 million to open-source projects that extend or improve IOTA's platform.