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Cambridge Blockchain teams up with LuxTrust to manage identity and data

LuxTrust S.A., a company based in Luxembourg, and Cambridge Blockchain LLC, a Massachusetts-based company providing identity-management enterprise software, today announced a joint effort to develop a new identity platform for the European market.

Stellar Co-Founder and Former Palantir Exec Launch Lightyear, Plan Universal Global Payments Network

Lightyear, a company that is launching out of stealth today, will be using the Stellar open financial protocol to establish a universal global payments network. The company was created in response to growing interest in the Stellar network.

Top US Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin Bets on Blockchain Technology

Lockheed Martin announced the the forthcoming incorporation of blockchain technology into its operations. The company, one of the top defense contractors in the US, stated that blockchain technology will enable "more efficient and assured offerings" to the US federal government.

‘Big Four’ Accounting Firm EY Launches ‘Ops Chain’ Platform, Opens Blockchain Lab in NYC

EY announced the launch of EY Ops Chain, described as a set of applications and services that can simplify supply chain management and seamlessly integrate digital contracts, shared inventory and logistics information, pricing, invoicing and payments. The company also unveiled its Blockchain Lab in New York City.

Gnosis Develops Easy Ethereum-Based Prediction Market Platform, Twitter Bot

Gnosis announced a decentralized platform for prediction markets, built on Ethereum, which allows anyone to create a prediction market for any event. According to the company, the platform could power a more efficient information society.

How the Brave Browser Wants You to Get Paid For Surfing the Internet

Want to be paid for surfing the web? Brave believes you should be. The company is designing a blockchain-based digital advertising platform based on Ethereum. Brave's Basic Attention Token (BAT) is due to be released later this year.

Blockchain Capital Raises $10 Million in Six Hours With BCAP ICO to ‘Democratize Venture Capital’

Blockchain Capital has raised a record-breaking $10 million in six hours with its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for BCAP tokens. The token sale is now closed. With BCAP, Blockchain Capital wants to start "democratizing" the Venture Capital industry, but this is only a beginning and there are challenges ahead.

Humaniq ICO Raises $2 Million in First Day to Disrupt Mobile Banking for the Unbanked

Ethereum-based blockchain banking app Humaniq, offering financial inclusion solutions for the unbanked, launched its public crowdsale on April 6, 2017. The Humaniq ICO, which will continue through April 26, 2017, raised more than $2 million in its first day.

iExec Project Developing Ethereum-Based Platform for Distributed Cloud Computing

A next-generation Ethereum-based distributed cloud computing platform is coming. The project, called iExec (I Execute) is led by an innovative team of research scientists in France who will launch a crowdsale on 12 April.

Twitter Error and Downloads in 100 Countries Mark Eventful First Week for BTCC’s Mobi

Bitcoin service provider BTCC’s new wallet Mobi had users from more than 100 countries just seven days after it launched, according to a tweet from the company on Sunday. But the launch hasn’t been sans tribulations. The company ran into several technical difficulties last week with Twitter integration.

IBM Launches AI-Powered Fintech Development Tools, Blockchain-Based Systems

IBM announced the launch of the IBM Cloud for Financial Services developer platform enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, with building blocks for the creation of financial applications on the IBM Cloud, as well as other initiatives and milestones unveiled at IBM InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas.