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A New Bitcoin Project Aims to Make Online Trolling More Expensive

On the internet, identities are essentially free. This can cause issues in online debates when internet trolls decide to cause mayhem for their own amusement. A new proposal found at Hodl.voting intends to drastically increase the cost of trolling online.

How Far Could the Decentralized State of Mind Bring Us?

The necessity of recomposing old-fashioned governmental institutions and redirecting the trust and financial flows is universal and evident throughout the world. Therefore, the tools and types of organization, which allow this to happen, will survive and evolve.

The Thin Waist of the Future World Computer

Ethereum needs a lot more platform stability and security than it currently has. How do we get from here to there? First, we need Ethereum WASM (eWASM), a special dialect of WASM used for smart contracts.

Bitcoin ETF: SEC, Other Tourists Have Gone Home… for Now

The two primary reasons why the SEC chose to deny the Bitcoin ETF’s approval - that it’s difficult to monitor and is unregulated - strike me as reasons why many folks value Bitcoin.

Allowing Users to Opt Into Different Trust Models May Be Key for Bitcoin Scalability

Analysis of Bitcoin scalability and trust models. People use Bitcoin for a variety of different reasons, and some of those use cases do not require the extremely low level of trust offered by the blockchain.

Crypto Regulations Are Often Difficult to Escape

Regardless of one’s ideological position on the matter, regulations exist. It is that existence and the risk of non-compliance that make it important to understand the parameters of whatever it is your entity is set up to do in your jurisdiction of choice.