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Psychological Obstacles to Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin isn't that hard to use, but it's seen as hard because people are intimidated by its technological aura, because there are a lot of hard decisions to make, and because it got a reputation for difficulty in its early days.

The Pros and Cons of Activating Segregated Witness on Bitcoin via a User-Activated Soft Fork

Recently, the idea of a user-activated soft fork (UASF) has gained some attention as a possible alternative to the current, miner-focused activation method for Segregated Witness (SegWit). Some have pointed to a potential chain split caused by miners as a potential downfall of this proposal, while others still see it as preferable over a hard fork.

Blockchain: Securing the Narrative

When I talk to people in the communications, marketing, and public relations fields about the relevant implications of blockchain technology, I ask them the question "What do you think you and your stakeholders could do with a single, permanent, shared and survivable version of digital truth?"

Will the Real Anon Cryptocurrency Stand Up?

Bitcoin, the first modern cryptocurrency, provided what seemed to be a high degree of anonymity. For many people, in the early days, besides encrypted and irrevocable transactions, privacy and anonymity were the most interesting features of Bitcoin. Eight years later, where are we in terms of financial privacy?

Hard Fork Panic: Circle Advises Users to Sell or Move Bitcoin

Due to the possibility of a hard fork in Bitcoin, Circle is advising its customers to either convert their Circle accounts and all bitcoin therein to fiat currency (an option that is only available in some countries and not in others) or move their bitcoin held in Circle to "an exchange or wallet that will support multiple forks of Bitcoin."

IBM Launches AI-Powered Fintech Development Tools, Blockchain-Based Systems

IBM announced the launch of the IBM Cloud for Financial Services developer platform enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, with building blocks for the creation of financial applications on the IBM Cloud, as well as other initiatives and milestones unveiled at IBM InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas.

These Venezuelan Developers are Using Bitcoin and Rare Pepes to Fight Against a Dismal Economy

What started out as an internet meme is now turning into a way to survive in Venezuela’s disastrous economy. "Rare Pepes" trading cards have now been traded for thousands of dollars worth of XCP on Counterparty’s decentralized exchange.

Bitcoin’s Country-Sized Energy Problem

The Bitcoin network uses more energy than most countries - 1/2000th of all the electricity used in the world! The energy problem absolutely has to be solved if Bitcoin is ever going to grow beyond its current level.

BTC.com Discusses Their New Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator, Sharing Fees with Miners, and More

BTC.com recently launched a transaction accelerator on their website and a new payout scheme for their mining pool as they attempt to position themselves as one of the key players in the overall bitcoin ecosystem.

P2P Content Distribution Network LBRY Challenges Big Media and Big Government

LBRY is an ambitious project that could upend distribution of online content using P2P tech like BitTorrent and Bitcoin. The project could challenge Big Media and create a global content distribution network powered by-the-people, for-the-people, with compensation for creators and active users.