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Daily Crypto Roundup 1/10/2019

Today in crypto, Bitwise Asset Management applied for a bitcoin ETF, Korean crypto exchanges failed security tests and bitcoin fell notably in price. DX.Exchange also patched a crucial flaw and French tobacco stores started selling bitcoin.

Catch the details:

Bitwise Files For New Bitcoin ETF With SEC

According to a CoinDesk report today, Bitwise Asset Management recently put in a bid for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Previous bitcoin ETF filings were met with regulatory hesitancy. Bitwise claims its proposed ETF deals with those hesitations.

Pending the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approval of the ETF, Bitwise has plans to list the new product on NYSE Arca.

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Two Thirds Of Korean Crypto Exchanges Fail Government Security Check

“The Ministry of Science and ICT, the Korea Internet & Security Agency and the Ministry of Economy and Finance inspected a total of 21 crypto exchanges from September to December 2018, examining 85 different security aspects,” CoinDesk noted in a report today.

The investigating entities found that only seven of those exchanges were up to par. Upbit, Bithumb, Huobi Korea, Hanbitco, Coinone, Korbit and Gopax passed all the inspections.

Investigations found the other exchanges lacked adequate security, leaving them susceptible to hacking.

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Bitcoin Dips Below $3,700 As All Top Cryptos See Severe Losses

Over the past day, bitcoin and other top crypto assets have lost significant value. At the time of CoinTelegraph’s article on the subject, bitcoin had sustained a loss of more than 9%.

At the time of writing, bitcoin sat at a price of roughly $3,661, down considerably from $4,108 on Tuesday.

Additionally, XRP moved back into the second-highest market cap position, ahead of ethereum. Although XRP is also down 9% itself, seeing the $0.33 mark. Ethereum sustained a larger loss, losing close to 16% of its value.

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Report: Critical Vulnerabilities Leaking User Data Found On DX.Exchange, Patched Later

Crypto Insider recently reported on the DX.Exchange launch, a platform that trades tokenized versions of stocks, such as Apple and Facebook. According to a CoinTelegraph report today, based on information from the tech. site Ars Technica, the DX.Exchange suffered from a weakness that exposed private user data.

An anonymous trader reportedly found many accounts of leaked sensitive information. “The trader has also reportedly found a way to permanently backdoor an account by using the platform’s programming interface, which would grant them access even after a user has logged out,” reported CoinTelegraph.

According to a comment request from CoinTelegraph, DX.Exchange CEO Daniel Skowronski noted, “[w]e are happy to report that the vulnerability has been successfully patched, and no user funds were compromised.”

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French ‘Tabac’ Shops Diversify, Selling Bitcoin For Cash

According to a report from Reuters, tobacco sellers in France are now selling bitcoin. Six tobacco stores in Paris now advertise the sale of bitcoin, thanks to support from Keplerk, a French fintech group.

“Late last year, Keplerk secured a contract with a local cash-register software provider to include an option for Tabac owners to sell vouchers redeemable for bitcoins in an electronic wallet that is held on Keplerk’s website,” Reuters noted.

France has seen a decline in tobacco purchases, leading many shops to explore other opportunities.

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