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Daily Crypto Roundup 12/20/2018

Today, Coinbase Pro added four tokens, bitcoin continued its upward momentum, and McAfee reports revealed rampant crypto-mining malware. Western Union also made positive statements toward cryptocurrency, and OKEx added a new “Perpetual Swap” bitcoin futures product.

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Coinbase Pro Continues Growing, Adds DAI, GNT, MKR, And ZIL

Coinbase Pro recently added Dai (DAI), Golem (GNT), Maker (MKR), and Zilliqa (ZIL) to their trading platform.

The company noted that not all features of these products will be available on the exchange, such as MKR governance for example.

These four assets will begin trading activity once the order books establish sufficient liquidity. Although Coinbase noted U.S. customers will not be allowed to trade ZIL and MKR for the time being due to regulatory compliance.

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Bitcoin’s Path To $5K Faces A Major Hurdle

Bitcoin continued its upward price path today, breaching the $4,000 level. Significant trading volume also accompanied such action.

According to a CoinDesk report today, the $4,400 price level could prove difficult to break, based on technical analysis chart levels.

At the time of CoinDesk’s report, bitcoin price held at $4,040 on Bitstamp, showing a gain of 8 percent over the last twenty-four hours.

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McAfee: Crypto-Mining Malware Grew By Over 4,000 Percent In 2018

According to McAfee research (McAfee the company, not John McAfee), crypto-mining malware has run rampant this year, up by more than 4,000 percent.

“[T]here were nearly four million new mining malware threats in the third quarter of 2018 alone, compared to less than 500,000 in 2017 and 2016,” CoinDesk explained, based on McAfee’s December 2018 report.

An additional McAfee report also revealed a stark 55 percent increase in the number of harmful crypto-miners in Q3 of this year. All-together, malware expanded 4,467 percent in 2018.

McAfee reports also noted that many ransomware pirates are now moving into criminal crypto-mining activities.

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Western Union Considers Crypto, Partners With Ripple To Test Blockchain Payments

Western Union Global Money Transfer stated a few days ago that they might be open to cryptocurrencies.

CoinTelegraph reported on a Reuters Plus interview with Western Union president Odilon Almeida on the subject. Almeida explained cryptocurrencies to be pretty much the same as their current standard digital payment system.

Almeida did however state the need for solutions to difficulties in volatility, governance, and compliance.

A press release on December 5 stated that Western Union “partnered with Ripple Labs to test whether sending payments by blockchain was faster and less expensive. The tests are ongoing.”

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Second Largest Exchange OKEx Launches New Crypto Derivative Product

A press release CoinTelegraph received yesterday revealed OKEx recently launched its new “Perpetual Swap” bitcoin futures product.

“Per the release, currently each swap contract has a notional value of $100 equivalent in Bitcoin (BTC) and features leverage ranging from 1x to 100x,” CoinTelegraph reported. These new OKEx futures have no expiration. OKEx is also one of the largest crypto exchanges.

BitMEX is known for its bitcoin futures Perpetual Contracts. Those contracts are $1 USD each, and also have no expiration.

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