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Don’t feed the troll: Craig Wright and the Hodlonaut story

Could we stop glorifying Craig Wright and instrumentalizing Hodlonaut for our personal interests?

In the midst of the Hodlonaut solidarity movement, asking to get sued by Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright seems to be the latest marketing strategy to get exposure. In the last 48 hours we’ve seen certain crypto influencers promote events, podcasts, and companies, by instrumentalizing the Hodlonaut cause against now-famous Craig Wright – whom some detractors call Fake Satoshi or “Faketoshi”.

When we create a movement, it’s important to measure the potential effects and consequences. Remember the Kony 2012 story, which made the fugitive war criminal Joseph Kony famous? What are we really doing here as a community? What if we created Craig Wright, and BSV is the product of giving too much exposure to a troll? What if some businessmen used this Craig Wright story to make money off of it? How could Roger Ver launch BCH by uniting with Calvin Ayre, Craig Wright, John McAfee, Jihan Wu and all of the biggest miners with whom these groups work?

Legally, this case of Craig S. Wright suing people for defamation of his Satoshi status has no merit, there are no real accusations. All of this is a big Twitter shit show. There is no case. In the end, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), Calvin Ayre and CSW are getting massive visibility from this.

It’s also the main reason why influencers are not scared to write on Twitter “sue me, you are not Satoshi”. Calling Craig Wright a fraud, when there is no clear evidence ruled in court that he is the creator of Bitcoin, could also be perceived as defamation. It’s one thing to claim it, it’s another to prove it.

Sadly, these guys have been orchestrating a great marketing campaign for BSV, and everybody is falling in their stratageme. Have you noticed? When you Google “Satoshi Nakamoto” or “Bitcoin inventor/creator”, you get results which display articles featuring Craig S. Wright or pictures of him. The community has created him and has given him digital legitimacy by “fighting” him.

What really annoys me in all of this, is people instrumentalizing this story, pretending to fight for a cause, but doing it without any impact. They just do it in order to promote their individual interests.

By participating in this, playing their victim, playing their game, you first help make these guys famous. Secondly, you do it by promoting your Twitter account, your companies, and/or events under the veil of the Hodlonaut movement.

Influencers always trying to gain followers and money out of a cause

No offense, I saw some Twitter influencers asking for tips and donations to fight against Craig Wright in court. There are no legal costs yet or a real case, what the f*ck is happening? Everyone is trying to get visibility, by hijacking Satoshi Nakamoto’s anonimity rights, as well as Hodlonaut’s privacy rights.

Influencers were queuing to be Craig Wright’s victims (with no case) just to get visibility. Seriously, this whole thing has become ridiculous. I hope we can stop collectively giving so much attention and exposure to these kinds of people, and I hope @cz_binance and other exchanges will delist their cryptocurrency.

If you really want to have an impact, if you really want to use your influence to do something right, to promote this cause, don’t do it while promoting your stuff. Strike them where it hurts, contact exchange owners. Build a community to prove he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. Going in court or asking to be sued, won’t change anything and will only waste time and money; create a real movement.

What is the legal battle here?

Is it impossible for Craig Wright to prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto? If it is, if he can’t prove it in a court of law without the shadow of a doubt, with legal patents on the technology, with clear documents and witnesses to testify activity before the genesis block and before the first the first transaction, with a small initiative of signing a message from Satoshi’s wallet or moving a negligible amount of funds, then no prosecutor will accept a case in defamation against persons refuting him.

No prosecutor, will say it’s illegal to say that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. The PGP keys proving he was the founder were backdated, as demonstrated by cypherpunk Peter Todd. The argument of Craig Wright is that the timestamps of Nakomoto’s blog coincide with Wright’s blog.

There is also the case of a long series of stories that Mr. Wright is telling on his Medium blog. As mentioned by some influencers in the space, the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin is taking the long way towards proving the validity of his claims. In reality, providing proof is very simple and involves some basic cryptographic proofs – not an entire narrative that can get compressed into a novel, not public statements which insult and attempt to silence critics, and definitely not lawsuit threats which coerce some Bitcoin influencers to delete all evidence of their criticism and testify in court by saying they were wrong.

Defining the laws of gravity is rather basic if you make the proper measurements and employ mathematics. If you require a story about being the real Sir Isaac Newton but you lack the skill set to prove your narrative claims, then you most likely aren’t what you’re trying to say.

Do you really want this to happen?

Maybe the crypto community could actually sue Craig Wright for selling BSV by pretending he is the inventor of something, but without having any clear evidence. This is where the community could actually build a case to prove that there are no proofs or evident clues leading to the proponent of the so-called “Satoshi’s Vision”. I think it would have more impact than shilling, instrumentalizing this whole cause to promote certain Twitter accounts, events and podcasts.

I would be interested to hear the opinions of lawyers who watch these events unfold. Is it illegal for someone to pretend he is the creator of something, like a cure for cancer, without being able to prove it? Also, can the same person proceed to sell this idea to people? Is it called a fraud when there is no evidence to support the claims?

See this search engine result? It’s our fault for making this happen.

Anyone who wants to say that Craig Wright can’t prove he is the real Satoshi can do so legally. Calling the man a fraud before the court decides that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto could be perceived as defamation. The law protects a person’s reputation from harm that is unjustified.

I would suggest to people to not do any defamation towards Craig Wright. It’s the best strategy to let the court decide that he can’t prove he is the real Satoshi, and therefore nobody will be sued (and consequently everyone will be able to say whatever they want). The only real merit and accomplishment of these deeds that we’re seeing are that of promoting the mutual mission of Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright.

This seems to be a better approach:

But why only defend from these abusive law cases that we know will never be approved in court? Why not prove Craig Wright is wrong?

That’s the touchy thing about open source and the concept of anonymously creating something significant. Someone could hijack and pretend he is the inventor, and then make money off of it. I’m not talking specifically about Craig Wright here, as this can be the case of any anonymous inventor, in general.

Crypto Insider will not write about BSV, Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre before any decisive court ruling or before the emergence of clear and irrefutable evidence regarding the relationship between Craig Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto. Furthermore, we invite our fellow media friends to do the same.


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