Home Market Get Ready to Attend P2PFISY 2017 in London, July 20-21

Get Ready to Attend P2PFISY 2017 in London, July 20-21

The upcoming P2P Financial Systems International Workshop 2017 (P2PFISY) will be held at University College London (UCL), Wilkins Building, in two weeks, on 20-21 July 2017. Partners of the event are the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, De Netherlandsche Bank, and the Bank of Canada, with the patronage of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT).

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Since our previous article on P2PFISY 2017, the speakers have been chosen and the workshop’s program has been finalized.

The program, divided in a P2P Day and a Blockchain Day, will feature invited and contributed talks, selected after a call for papers, focused on on digital currencies and blockchain technologies, P2P lending and crowdfunding, digital money transfer, mobile banking and mobile payments. The workshop is recognized as an annual high-level meeting, where views and innovative insights on how the P2P revolution is reshaping both the financial sector and the financial services eco-system are shared.

Like the previous editions of P2PFISY, this third edition wants to bring together scholars, regulators and practitioners interested in the P2P economics, and merge the gap between academics, technologists, policy makers and regulators.

In the first keynote talk of the P2P Day of July 20, Daniel Heller, former Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), now Visiting Fellow at Peterson Institute of International Economics (PIIE), will try to chart what lies ahead for digital currencies. “History shows that new forms of private sector money are usually taken over by the government once they become successful,” reads the abstract of Heller’s talk. “Emerging digital currencies will also not develop in a vacuum as they will have to fully comply with a number regulatory provision, for instance, in the area of taxation and anti-money laundering.”

So, both the first keynote speaker and his talk indicate that P2PFISY workshops are focused on the intersections of blockchain tech with mainstream finance and politics, without worrying too much about juvenile crypto-sins like privacy, anonymity and all that. The invited talk of Ben Fung, Director of Economic Research and Analysis at Bank of Canada makes the focus of P2PFISY even clearer. Fung will discuss the possibility, plausibility and implications of digital currencies issued by central banks.

It’s worth noting that the Bank of Canada, and other central banks including the Monetary Authority of Singapore, are exploring and prototyping digital currencies issued by state authorities.

“Public authorities and central banks around the world are closely monitoring developments in digital currencies and studying their implications for the economy, the financial system and central banks,” reads the abstract of Fung’s talk. “One key policy question for public authorities such as a central bank is whether or not to issue its own digital currency that can be used by the general public to make payments.”

Picture: The Wilkins Building, University College London. Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0, from Wikimedia Commons.


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