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Charles Hoskinson on Tezos, Bitcoin sidechains, and smart contract platforms

Last week, we published the first part of our extensive interview with Charles Hoskinson, a co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of the Cardano (ADA) project. The first two parts of our chat dealt with issues at the Cardano Foundation, a Swiss entity created to help steward Cardano’s development along with IOHK and Emurgo.

During the remainder of our time, I asked Charles about other topics in the cryptocurrency space, including about his recent dust-up with the Tezos founders, bitcoin sidechains, and his thoughts on which smart contract platforms, besides Cardano, he finds interesting.

Part 3: Is the Cardano Foundation problem similar to the Tezos Foundation problem?

In Part 3 of our interview, I asked Charles whether the problems at the Cardano Foundation are different from those encountered at the Tezos Foundation in 2017. In Charles’ opinion, the problems are comparing “apples to oranges” as he explained that Cardano did not rely solely on the foundation the way the Tezos project was organized.

Charles also accused Tezos founders Arthur and Kathleen Breitman of attempting to use the Tezos Foundation as a means to escape U.S. regulations though he also relayed that he thinks the Tezos project is fascinating and that he enjoys a competitive relationship with the Breitmans.

As Crypto Insider reported previously, Hoskinson and the Breitmans fell into a Twitter spat when the Cardano Foundation news broke earlier this month.

Part 4: What are your thoughts on Bitcoin sidechains (like Liquid from Blockstream) and what other smart contract platforms do you like?

In the 4th part of our interview, I took the opportunity to ask Charles his thoughts on new Bitcoin technologies such as Blockstream’s Liquid sidechain project.

When asked which smart contract platform he likes besides Cardano, Charles believes that Ethereum is still doing many innovative things, and praised Vitalik Buterin’s work to keep the chain evolving and relevant amid stiff competition.

Charles feels that any project which is responsive to its community, and relies on solid development practices while upholding high integrity, can ultimately create added benefit for the cryptocurrency space in general.

Part 5: Closing thoughts to the Cardano community

In closing, I asked Charles if he had any thought’s he’d like to add or points we didn’t cover that he would like to address.

The bottom line message from Charles Hoskinson to the Cardano community is one of resolve and determination to work through the Cardano Foundation problems and proceed with development as usual. The way the project is set up, according to Charles, a single speed bump cannot detail years of hard work and the hundreds of dedicated people working night and day to build Cardano into a highly-competitive product.

If you missed the first part of the interview, catch up here.

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Nathan Ashworth
Nathan Ashworth
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  1. Quite a few falsehoods here and displays the complete lack of knowledge on the Tezos situation on his part. Arthur and Kathleen put in $3,000,000 of their own money and continued to pay the devs out of their own pockets to launch the product without the Foundation. Also, we were all set up to replace the Tezos Foundation and launch with T2 which would take over the XTZ allocation originally meant for TF and have plenty of funds to go forward. Luckily we didn’t need to do that and everything was resolved, but Charles saying that Tezos would have died if TF wasn’t fixed is complete bullshit. Tezos, unlike Cardano, actually already had a working product at the time.


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