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Interview: Alena Vranova on Casa and the future of Bitcoin

Alena Vranova might just be the greatest business strategist in Bitcoin – and possibly the entire crypto-space. When she co-founded Trezor, she helped establish the company as a household name in cryptocurrency security and hardware wallet devices. Speaking of households, Vranova is now the lead strategist of Casa – the company which delivers the most user-friendly way to access the Lightning Network and provides advanced security for cryptocurrency storage.

Outside of her regular job, Alena Vranova is also an ardent proponent of Bitcoin, a Proof-of-Work fan, and a proponent of the “Bitcoin, not blockchain” philosophy. Maybe her professional success stems from the fact that she practices what she professes, and is a Bitcoin lover before being someone who exploits BTC-related businesses for profit.

The recent contributions, Vranova has been acknowledged in Inbar Preiss’ recent article “Whe who made 2018 a brighter year for crypto“, and this interview is a testament of the business strategist’s passion to share ideas and spread all the good news about the potential of Bitcoin.

As you’re about to find out, Alena Vranova runs her own full node, believes that BTC is the perfect currency to buy petrol, puts an end to the geopolitical trade tactics, and can argue why Casa is so much more than “the Apple of the Bitcoin world”. All these opinions and much more can be found in this exclusive Crypto Insider interview.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if the sought-after Casa Node is going to get a price discount any time soon, then the news aren’t going to please you: while the components are accessible and a similar device can be put together for less than $100, it’s the software and 24/7 technical support from Casa that costs the extra satoshis. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and don’t mind spending some time to sync your node, then you may use Pierre Rochard’s free and fully-supported client for Windows and MacOS – for which you can just use your computer. And to supplement for the easy channel management and quick payments part, you may install the Joule add-on (available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave).

Keep in mind that it’s about accessibility and end-user friendliness, so the price of a Casa Node includes all the research and development being put in the software, as well as the multi-year customer services that every purchase offers. Remember how Apple charges you $1,000 for a device that you can build for a small fraction of this price? Well, at least Casa promises to deliver support for a long time.



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Vlad Costea
Vlad Costea
Vlad is a political science graduate who got a little tired and disillusioned with the old highly-hierarchical and centralized world and decided to give this anarchistic blockchain invention a little try. He found out about Bitcoin in 2014, had to do a presentation about it at Sciences Po Paris in 2015, but was too foolish to buy any. Now that he’ll never be a crypto millionaire and hasn’t acquired his golden ticket to lifelong financial independence, he’ll just write op-eds on various topics.


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