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Out with the old: Jaxx Classic wallet deprecated

Wallet providers must constantly keep updating their software to interface new features and updates that are merged into the core code. Most of the time, the provider simply updates the wallet in the app client and users download updates. Occasionally, providers create brand new wallets and eventually stop supporting their old wallet. And sometimes, users do not realize their wallet is outdated until after it is too late. If this happens to you – do not fear, there are usually solutions, provided your wallet allows you to control the private keys.

Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx Wallet has been upgraded. The older version now known as Jaxx Classic will be deprecated (or no longer supported) as of February 28th, 2019. This means that users will no longer be able to send out funds from their wallets after that date. Jaxx Support has encouraged its users to move their funds to their new, updated wallet called Jaxx Liberty. Liberty has features such as block explorers, portfolios, crypto news, and market data built right into the app, making it a lot more than just a cross-platform multi-coin crypto wallet.

What about my coins!?

Hold the phone! What did you say? Is my crypto stuck if I don’t send it out before the last day of February? Don’t fear! Jaxx wouldn’t leave you hanging like that. According to the Jaxx blog:

“We want to make your transition from Jaxx Classic to Jaxx Liberty, easy and seamless.

1.   You will have access to the same digital assets currently found in Jaxx Classic, and more.
Jaxx Liberty has more cryptocurrency and digital assets available than there are in Jaxx Classic. Currently, there are over 85 digital assets available in Jaxx Liberty.

2.   Jaxx Liberty is available across all platforms.  
It is available across iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux environments, and as a Google Chrome browser plug-in.

3.  Jaxx Liberty is a new platform, not an update.
We built Jaxx Liberty from scratch — bottom up. This is a new download, not an app update. Simply head on over to your favourite app store, or jaxx.io and select your device.

4. Your 12-word backup phrase remains the same.
Simply enter your Jaxx Classic 12-word backup phrase into Jaxx Liberty and you’ll then be able to access your digital assets.

5.  There’s a simple process to migrate to Jaxx Liberty.

That simple process is relayed through a video. Here is a rough transcription of the steps for your convenience:

  • Open Jaxx Classic, select the menu, and then the Tools option. Backup the wallet with a new backup phrase.
  • Copy down the 12 word backup key. Keep it somewhere safe and private.
  • Open Jaxx Liberty App and select Pair/Restore Existing Wallet.
  • Enter the backup phrase from the Jaxx Classic and Restore the wallet.

You will have then imported all the keys to all the cryptocurrencies stored on the Jaxx Classic wallet.

Stay up to date with the transition

Users can send out any cryptocurrency in your Jaxx Classic wallet up until March 1, 2019. After that, they can still backup the wallet with the 12-word passphrase and move to Jaxx Liberty. But they can also export the keys manually and import the private keys into another wallet provider if they so choose. So there are a couple ways users can still extract their coins from the defunct wallet. With the Jaxx Liberty wallet, users have more features and the reliable Jaxx Support to continue assisting them.

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