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Roger Ver Bets Jimmy Song $1 million on BCH flippening

September 10th saw the highly anticipated debate between Roger Ver and Jimmy Song, as part of the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise, in what proved to be nothing short of political status.

Jimmy Song represented the Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist crowd, while Roger Ver represented sentiment for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), each with various interesting points.

A Rough Start

The debate started with Jimmy Song giving an introduction of how the debate process would go, only to have Roger Ver interrupt him during his explanation, to ask if his explanation was part of Song’s 10 minutes. Each of the two participants was to get 10 minutes to state their first points, with differing times following (Referred to as a “Lincoln Douglas Style Debate”).

The debate went downhill from there, proving to be a less than civil, but nonetheless, entertaining affair.

Once Song was able to finish explaining the debate style and process, Ver interrupted again to state that he would like to give a one-minute introduction. Song disagreed, stating that all he did was introduce the debate format. Another microphone was brought on stage for Ver, and Song then left the stage, stating that he refused to do the debate if there were two microphones.

Core of the Debate

After several more minutes of organizing, the actual debate started, only to see more of the same throughout. Ver stated that he was not given any details on the format or content of the debate beforehand. After about 40 minutes, Song left the debate, stating that he had not agreed for the debate to proceed any longer. Song was replaced by a shirtless Tone Vays (also a notable BTC maximalist), who finished the debate with Ver.

The Bet

Perhaps the highlight of the BCH Flippening debate, was when Ver rebutted one of Song’s statements, by stating:

“I’ll bet a million dollars, equivalent to whatever cryptocurrency you want, that within ten years, Bitcoin Cash will have a larger market cap than the BTC version of Bitcoin today”.

If there’s one thing that this debated showed, it’s that both sides had several interesting points, with no final conclusion for either side, other than a bet that will be concluded in 10 years time.

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Benjamin Pirus
Benjamin Pirus
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