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UCL Will Host the P2P Financial Systems International Workshop 2017, July 20-21

The upcoming P2P Financial Systems International Workshop 2017 (P2PFISY) will be held at University College London (UCL), Wilkins Building, on 20-21 July 2017. Partners of the event are the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, De Netherlandsche Bank, and the Bank of Canada with the patronage of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT).

This third edition of the P2PFISY will foster debates from a wide viewpoint, by aiming to merge attitudes and to bridge the gap between academics, technologists, policy makers, regulators and Fintech experts. The workshop will be focused on digital currencies and blockchain technologies, P2P lending and crowdfunding, digital money transfer, mobile banking, and mobile payments.

“The perspectives chosen by this workshop to face such controversial themes are probably to be considered as the keystone to evaluate not simply advantages and disadvantages but also present and future challenges that these new technologies are placing,” notes a P2PFISY press release.

Crypto Insider is proud to be a Media Partner of P2PFISY 2017, which wants to foster a much needed collaboration between leading industry experts in P2P financial markets, academics, regulators and policy makers.

Besides academic researchers and industry representatives, P2PFISY participants will include regulators and central bankers from key institutions such as the US Commodity and Future Trading Commission, the Federal Reserve Board, the US Security Exchange Commission, and the European Central Bank.

Crypto Insider reached out to Paolo Tasca, Executive Director of UCL CBT, to find out more.

“P2PFISY is a scientific conference,” Tasca told Crypto Insider. “Our speakers are leading experts on P2P financial markets from a scientific point of view either being financial-economic, legal or technological. Moreover, thanks to the Call for Papers we offer the opportunity to those who are actively researching on P2P finance and blockchain to present in first preview results and new perspectives that have neither been published nor shared with the community yet.”

“In this sense, the workshop offers to researchers the opportunity to promote their investigations and connect with colleagues in order to establish new collaborations. In addition, the audience benefits from learning directly from the authors their fresh scientific discoveries in p2p markets and has the opportunity to meet and directly interact with these experts.”

Tasca is one of the editors of the 2016 book “Banking Beyond Banks and Money,” a reference for academics and graduate students in the fields of P2P finance, digital currencies, and crowdfunding.

“To keep this perspective, the P2PFISY workshop offers invaluable networking opportunities by meeting and discussing with leading industry experts in P2P financial markets, as well as academics, regulators and policy makers,” continued Tasca. “The workshop is meant for the public and gives access to forms of debate and productive exchange with figures, such as regulators, that usually meets only in dedicated closed-door conferences and meetings.”

The P2PFISY Call for Papers will close on May 15. Selected papers will have the opportunity to be published in a special issue of Journal of Digital Banking.

“Aim of the conference is to promote dialogue and cooperation between the above mentioned parties,” concluded Tasca. “The event will not favour on single perspective, thus it will not speak simply on behalf of academia, industry or regulatory bodies. It will join all these communities and give them one single voice. It is a triangular perspective, where each party has to interact with the other in order to promote new technologies in financial markets. As a matter of fact, the workshop is not simply cross-sectoral, it is also cross-continental: UK has been the setting of the event for the last two years, however it counts on an international set of speakers and attendees, mainly from across Europe and the USA.”

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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