Home Market Headlines Weekly roundup Jan. 28 - Feb. 1

Weekly roundup Jan. 28 – Feb. 1

As of this week, January 2019 is closed for business. From bitcoin ETF news to robberies and token sales, this week brought no shortage of interesting headlines to close out the month.

In the price category, however, bitcoin still remained relatively silent. According to CoinMarketCap, crypto’s cornerstone asset ranged from around $3,650 down to the $3,400 range for most of the week.

Bitcoin price aside, check out some of this week’s headlines in the crypto space:

BitTorrent token sale a raging success amidst minor malfunctions

Starting off the week, Monday saw BitTorrent launch its public token sale on Binance’ Launchpad platform. Buyers flocked to buy BTT tokens. The whole event sold out in less than 20 minutes.

Interested buyers swallowed up $7.2 million in BTT tokens, showing an oasis of crypto interest among an overall barren crypto bear market landscape.

The sale would have concluded even faster without a few technical difficulties during the sale. “[U]ser agreement confirmation” clicking problems caused a few difficulties in the sale, according to a Tweet from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

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Litecoin will add confidential transactions in 2019

Monday also brought news of Charlie Lee’s plans to add confidential transactions to Litecoin.

“[H]aving something like confidential transactions will get us closer to good privacy and good fungibility, and that is something that I am currently thinking about exploring for Litecoin,” Litecoin founder Charlie Lee told Crypto Insider.

Adding confidentiality to Litecoin has implications on the coin’s global usage potential, as well as its ability to keep user balances more private.

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Oman man robbed of over 3000 bitcoins, offers hefty reward

Tuesday hosted details of a recent bitcoin-involved robbery. Three men in Oman burgled cypherpunk Seccour’s friend’s house, as described in Seccour’s Tweets.

The thieves stole more than 3,000 bitcoins, various paintings, valuables and the cash equivalent of roughly $1.63 million.

The victim will reward anyone who finds any of the robbers, paying out 250 bitcoin as reward money. The owner will also reward anyone who can return his stolen items, giving 25% of those items’ value as a reward.

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Cryptopia hacked again?

This week involved further nefarious activity when someone hacked the Cryptopia exchange for the second time.

The exchange saw initial pilfering on January 21 when thieves infiltrated 76,000 wallets and escaped with $16 million in crypto assets.

According to research from the Elementus blog, this week saw another hack affecting 17,000 wallets and $180,000 in ether.

Interestingly enough, 5,240 of the wallets were hacked during both events, proving unsuspecting users must have added funds after the first hack.

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Fidelity could open bitcoin custody as early as March

Murmurs of seemingly bullish news graced the headlines as well. According to a Bloomberg report, three sources revealed mainstream giant Fidelity might have bitcoin custody up and running by March of this year, with ether custody following sometime after.

Crypto YouTubers Sunny Decree and Crypto Bobby saw the event as bullish for the crypto space.

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VanEck-SolidX bitcoin ETF back on the table

As the week came to a close the market saw one of bitcoin’s most notable exchange-traded funds (ETF) thrown back into the pile for Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) re-submitted its rule-change proposal which would allow the exchange to list the VanEck-SolidX bitcoin ETF product.

This particularly elusive ETF saw many delays last year and a withdrawal just last week.

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Additionally, Crypto Insider covered several other interesting topics including interviews with Casa’s Alena Vranova and Nexo’s Antoni Trenchev.


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Benjamin Pirus
Benjamin Pirus
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