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Weekly Roundup – July 17-23

After three years of fighting, Bitcoin has now finally agreed how to scale up their network, with Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 winning support from enough miners to lock in to the network, though support for SegWit is still contested, as shown here. BIP 91 became active at block 477120 on July 23, offering a path to SegWit without splitting Bitcoin into two incompatible currencies. One splinter group called Bitcoin Cash is still agitating for a hard fork, but it is not clear how much miner support they will get.

Dutch police revealed on July 20 that they took down Hansa market as part of an international police operation. The market was the biggest marketplace on the darkweb after Alphabay was shut down earlier this month.

A vulnerability in Parity MultiSig wallets came to light on July 19. This was one of the most serious vulnerabilities in the history of cryptocurrency, exposing tens millions of dollars of various digital assets to thieves. Someone stole about $32 million before altruistic hackers stepped in and scooped up vulnerable tokens for safekeeping, before returning them to their owners when the bug was fixed. Bitcoin Magazine covered the story well.

According to Vice, a hacker stole over $7 million after taking over Coindash’s website during an ICO.

Satoshi Pay, a company that does money transfers with a digital backend, announced on July 17 that it was exploring replacing Bitcoin with IOTA, a non-blockchain cryptocurrency.

Horizon 2020, a European Union fund, awarded almost €2 million to Billon Group, a blockchain startup, FinExtra reported last week.

Laurent, a French software researcher and developer, tweeted last week about the 2015 spam attack on the Bitcoin network, which he uncovered and analyzed in depth.

In Bitcoin-adoption news, the cosmetics giant Lush announced last week that they will start accepting Bitcoin.

In news from the world of virtual and augmented reality, the Mira Prism is a new headset that turns a smartphone into an augmented reality device, using a simple headset and a transparent visor to reflect the phone’s screen.

LocalCoinATM, a company that makes Bitcoin ATMS, announced last week that they are launching their first Litecoin ATM, in Toronto.

Russian financial news reports that the government is working towards legalizing Ethereum-based Initial Coin Offerings in that country. They are currently in a legal gray area, and Russia may follow Japan’s example of making cryptocurrencies legal tender.

Josh Garza, an executive of four cryptocurrency companies – GAW, GAW Miners, ZenMiner, and ZenCloud – pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud, amounting to $9,182,000 according to court documents release on July 20.

Coinbase accidentally overspent on fees by $325,000, according to Antoine Le Calvez on Twitter.

Storj, the blockchain-powered decentralized storage company, announced integration of their software with FileZilla, the popular FTP client.

Reporting by Quartz last Monday tracked the Bitcoin ransomed by Petya malware flowing through the Bitcoin blockchain.

Academics in Canada released a PDF detailing a technique using blockchains and onion-routing techniques to enable anonymous delivery of physical goods.

Bleeping Computer reports on new malware, both ransomware and a Trojan horse, going by the name of GhostCtrl.

The Canadian state announced a new funding body for the blockchain sector. Their description of the project says, “The Innovation Superclusters Initiative (ISI) is a new opportunity to strengthen Canada’s most promising clusters and accelerate economic growth in highly innovative industries, while positioning our firms for global leadership”.

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