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Weekly Roundup – June 26-July 2

Cryptocurrency markets experienced a huge downturn on Monday, June 26, with $20 billion of market capitalization vanishing within 24 hours, according to data from coinmarketcap.com. The market recovered somewhat on Tuesday, and more lustily on Wednesday. By the end of the week it was quite healthy, with over $0.1 trillion of market cap.

ConsenSys last week announced ConsenSys Diligence. Launched in response to the rash of lucrative ICOs, ConsenSys Diligence is a voluntary vetting board designed to “encourage projects to launch when ready, rather than trying to time markets”, and make sure ICOs are really ready before they launch.

Reuters reports a massive ransomware attack on computer networks “crippling thousands of computers, disrupting ports from Mumbai to Los Angeles and halting production at a chocolate factory in Australia”. The attack encrypts files and demands a ransom of $300 worth of Bitcoin to decrypt. The attack seems targeted at Ukraine.

The European Union has issued Google with a huge fine of €2.42 billion for anti-competitive practices, according to Reuters. The European Competition Commissioner said that Google had, “denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate” by blocking competitors from their search results. Protonmail welcomed the ruling; their encrypted email service, a competitor to Google’s Gmail, had been one of the victims of the blocking.

Version 3.3.0 of Truffle was released last week. The new version of the Ethereum development suite fixes installation problems with previous issues.

pinode.co.uk released new tutorials last week on how to run Ethereum nodes from Raspberry Pis.

Decentraland, an ownerless, decentralized virtual world, announced it will be selling tokens called MANA and LAND that represent ownership of virtual real estate.

Sia, a decentralized cloud storage technology with blockchain-powered payments, released version 1.3.0 of their software. The new version doubles the speed of downloading the blockchain on initial install, improves file-repair, and adds support for multiple devices.

Wikileaks published details on CherryBlossom, a CIA project to hack wireless routers.

Girl Scouts of the USA announced that it will be awarding 18 badges in cybersecurity training.

The World Bank held a conference on how blockchain tech can be used in development.

NEVERDIE announced an ICO last week with a market cap of $1.1 billion. The coins will be traded in the in-game economy of the virtual world.

Korea Electric Power Corporation (KPCO), an electric company that controls 93% of the South Korean market, is planning a project to use blockchain-based cryptocurrencies to settle payments for charging electric vehicles.

Tezos, a new blockchain separate from Ethereum and Bitcoin, on which a range of smart contracts can be conducted, launched an ICO on July 1. The ICO is still in progress at the time of writing, and has raised Ether and Bitcoin equivalent to more than $195 million. Similarly, EOS, which markets itself as a competitor to Ethereum, had raised more than $200 million in an ICO at the time of writing.

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