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When the next crypto bull run happens, it’s going to be epic

Crypto asset prices are down at least 75% across the board for the most part. But strangely enough, institutions and mainstream entities continue to gain interest and involvement.

Blockchain startups targeting App Store giants

Companies like Apple and Google virtually own access to applications for users through their app stores. However, blockchain has the potential to cut out the middlemen that dictate the distribution and monetization terms.

How blockchain technology can help refugees

The blockchain race is on, and the fintech sector is leading the charge. But other industries are looking to utilize the technology as well. Some have even realized that it can change the way we govern ourselves, or provide assistance to refugees in need.

A look into the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference

The Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference is taking place in Dallas, Texas, February 2018. With bitcoin hitting all time highs daily, the conference offers an opportunity to bring more people on board with the financial revolution.