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Electrum Introducing Checkpoints to Ease the Burden of a Hard Fork

Thomas Voegtlin, creator of Bitcoin wallet Electrum, believes Electrum users should be “free to choose” between competing branches. Electrum is releasing a new version that will introduce "checkpoints," a feature that will make the lives of Bitcoin users simpler post-fork.

Twitter Error and Downloads in 100 Countries Mark Eventful First Week for BTCC’s Mobi

Bitcoin service provider BTCC’s new wallet Mobi had users from more than 100 countries just seven days after it launched, according to a tweet from the company on Sunday. But the launch hasn’t been sans tribulations. The company ran into several technical difficulties last week with Twitter integration.

RSK Would Not Have Endorsed a Hard Fork for The DAO on Their Bitcoin Sidechain

When it comes to making changes to a cryptocurrency, RSK does not believe changes should be made at the base protocol level to fix an issue between users of the cryptocurrency. According to RSK, forks should only be included to fix bugs or to improve the platform to make it grow in the future - but never in a situation such as The DAO.

The Pros and Cons of Activating Segregated Witness on Bitcoin via a User-Activated Soft Fork

Recently, the idea of a user-activated soft fork (UASF) has gained some attention as a possible alternative to the current, miner-focused activation method for Segregated Witness (SegWit). Some have pointed to a potential chain split caused by miners as a potential downfall of this proposal, while others still see it as preferable over a hard fork.

Will the Real Anon Cryptocurrency Stand Up?

Bitcoin, the first modern cryptocurrency, provided what seemed to be a high degree of anonymity. For many people, in the early days, besides encrypted and irrevocable transactions, privacy and anonymity were the most interesting features of Bitcoin. Eight years later, where are we in terms of financial privacy?

These Venezuelan Developers are Using Bitcoin and Rare Pepes to Fight Against a Dismal Economy

What started out as an internet meme is now turning into a way to survive in Venezuela’s disastrous economy. "Rare Pepes" trading cards have now been traded for thousands of dollars worth of XCP on Counterparty’s decentralized exchange.

Qtum to Launch Token Crowdsale for PwC-Supported Blockchain Platform

The Qtum Blockchain Foundation, headquartered in Singapore, plans raise over 13,000 bitcoin on six Asian exchanges with its upcoming QTUM token crowdsale, fueling the growth of its PwC-supported blockchain platform for business.