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Crypto OG explains interesting “little old lady” trading strategy

Crypto veteran Davicij15 recently explained his trading strategy, which includes buying many different crypto assets and taking profit after 100% gains.

A long time in the business

Publicized for his comments on bitcoin back in 2011, Davincij15 has been in the crypto game for a long time, comparable to how young the industry is.

The veteran crypto aficionado sat down for an interview with popular crypto YouTuber Ivan on Tech on April 9, talking about various topics in the space.

Near the beginning of the interview, Davincij15 mentioned he did not really start trading crypto assets until roughly 2015, after taking a class to hone his skills. He described taking trades prior to 2015, but with a lack of success.

Little old lady style

Davincij15 said he learned his craft in trading from The Rational Investor. “One of the things he taught me was ‘the little old lady’ style of trading,” Davincij15 explained. “I really gravitated to that because I spent less time actually doing trades, and more time doing other things that I really like to do,” he added.

This trading strategy requires less attention to charts and prices on a daily basis, and looking at larger price movements on the whole. Essentially, Davincij15 explained this style of trading suited him well because it did not require him to be glued to the computer screen at all hours of the day watching price.

The trader said his “little old lady” trading strategy led him to build quite a large stack of crypto assets. “At one point, I had over 350 different cryptocurrencies,” he said.

The trader admitted he held many of those assets on various exchanges, which became somewhat of a liability when bitcoin soared in price. In response, the influencer set out to build a software project that protected his funds, while still letting him trade his strategy effectively – which he also desires to share with the public.

A specific approach to profits

Davincij15 described his “little old lady” style of trading as being simple. Trading can be extensively complex, but it can also be made simple, depending on the approach. For his method, Davincij15 explained scanning for low crypto asset prices, using Fibonacci levels, and buying those low priced assets. “Then, all you have to do is sell half on a double,” he explained, referring to selling half of the asset amount when price jumps up 100% from the buy-in price.

With this particular trading style, “It’s double or nothing basically,” said Davincij15. “Either you buy this currency and it doubles on you, or you get nothing,” he added.  “That’s why you only put in a very tiny tiny amount.”

The trader mentioned an example of someone he knows who currently is only allocating 0.1% to 0.25% of his capital to each asset bought. Davincij15 said even around $10 per trade will add up over time, with patience and discipline.

Davincij15 included that more details on his trading strategy are available on his website. He and Ivan on Tech also discussed several other points and topics throughout the rest of the interview.

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Benjamin Pirus
Benjamin Pirus
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