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McAfee says he knows who Satoshi is – here’s what we know so far

The identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto has eluded public knowledge. Tech expert and influencer John McAfee says he knows who Nakamoto is, and will reveal that identity, via clues over time. Here’s what we know so far, assuming McAfee is correct in his statements and knowledge. 

Nakamoto is not the CIA or any global government agency

Surrounding all the recent news on Craig Wright, his self-proclaimed status as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and his project Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV), McAfee sent out a tweet claiming he knows Nakamoto’s true identity, and that the public also should know.

Many theories on Satoshi’s identity have surfaced over time, including that Bitcoin’s creator is a group of people, rather than a single person. This theory seems correct, according to McAfee’s tweet. The eccentric crypto enthusiast also mentioned that one male U.S. resident authored the Bitcoin whitepaper.

In his next tweet in the Nakamoto series, McAfee revealed he has been protecting Nakamoto’s identity but now has decided to reveal the information, bit by bit, until the secret is out.

“It’s not a nice story”

The story is not a pleasant one, according to McAfee in the comments section of the second tweet. He also, however, described the story as “incredible.”

McAfee said he thinks keeping Nakamoto’s identity under wraps is problematic, which is why he has chosen his current course of action.

McAfee posted yet another tweet, seemingly in response to those questioning how he knows Nakamoto’s identity. McAfee referenced his extensive work in the tech space, saying:

Yes, I drink, use drugs, chase women, run from the law – which I have done since I was 19. But it does not obviate the fact that I created a great company whose focus was stopping hackers. I had to know hacking. I am still John ******* McAfee.”

(*Profanity edited with asterisks)

McAfee does indeed have extensive expertise in the technology space, founding McAfee Associates in the 1980s, and working on numerous endeavors since then.

In the comments, Mcafee described using social engineering to find the identities behind bitcoin’s creation.

Nakamoto does not follow McAfee on Twitter

Satoshi does not have brown hair

McAfee himself is not Satoshi

It’s not Elon Musk

Nakamoto is not Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo had a hand in developing a type of digital asset named “bit gold,” back in 1998, according to his Wikipedia page. Szabo is one of the individuals which the public has speculated to possibly be Nakamoto.

The team behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto are all of Indian (India) ethnicity

McAfee dropped a big clue on Nakamoto’s ethnicity, via a response to emails he has received on the subject, regarding people claiming to be Bitcoin’s creator. In the email correspondence McAfee posted, he said the team is of Indian nationality.

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